I believe that in business, what makes the fundamental difference to performance, is people connecting around stories that inspire them to work towards a common purpose.

Sadly, only a lucky few describe their work as inspiring. According to Gallup, 85% of people are not engaged, or are actively disengaged, at work. Much of this can be traced to leadership behaviours driven by fearful egos craving certainty and security. Such leaders are telling themselves stories about control.

There’s another reason work isn’t inspiring: we tell ourselves stories about our careers: where we “should” be in the hierarchy by now, the salary we “need” to pay the mortgage on a home a two hour daily commute away that saps us of our vitality. In our work, we are often following scripts authored by other people (usually our parents).

Work doesn’t have to be this way. I bring connection and heart to business by partnering with founders, leaders and people in business to realise new stories of possibility for themselves, their people and the customers and communities they serve. I help people re-connect to their own genius - the story - the animating force that inspired them to go into, or create, their business in the first place.

Vital, human, inspiring businesses are realised in the process; places where people can be fully alive at work.


Neuroscientists have proven that stories are fundamental to our existence. From early childhood we tell ourselves stories about our actions and experiences: they give us reassurance, security and a sense of self. However accuracy is not the main objective - coherence is. Narrative coherence helps us to navigate the world - to know where we're coming from and where we're heading. Our stories can limit us or liberate us.

What’s your story?


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I found just a couple of conversations with Vicky to be transformative. As a former executive herself, Vicky had my respect. As my coach, Vicky had my full engagement - because she really, really listened. Moreover, Vicky applied herself to the heart of the matter, without needless regimen or structure. But with both heart, and mind
— P.M., COO Animation Company