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As an undergraduate studying English Literature I fell in love with women on the edge: Bronte’s Cathy Earnshaw, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf.  “The Trick is to Keep Breathing”? Yes, it is Janice.  I devoured the thinking of Jacques Derrida and Lacan, Roland Barthes, Toril Moi and Helene Cixous.  My dissertation was titled “A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Work of Toni Morrison”.  

Naturally, I then became an accountant. 

Victoria Ferrier spent nearly two decades in big corporates, becoming an award-winning financial communications specialist who once graced the front-page of the Financial Times. During this time she nearly died giving birth to her first child, unravelled (discretely) following her mother’s overdose and held her hand as she died from cancer. It took many years of reporting into leaders driven by fearful egos before she had the courage to follow her talent and re-connect to the aspiring post-structuralist, existentialist feminist girl she’d been a quarter of a century earlier. A girl who was nowhere to be found in the highly functioning, red-soled, swishy-blo-dried story of herself she presented to the world.

Passionate about creating business cultures where people are at the heart of the value-creation narrative, not numbers, today she helps people in business re-connect to the story - the animating force - that inspired them to go into, or create, their business in the first place.

Be Your Own Story is a book about doing work that matters. It’s a guide to creating vital, human, inspiring businesses. It’s a guide to being fully alive at work.