I bring my vocation to life through several platforms and cooperate and co-create my work with many wonderful souls.

In his book Louder Than Words, Todd Henry draws a sharp distinction between the words occupation and vocation.  Your occupation is how you make a living.  Your vocation, on the other hand, is the work you feel compelled to do even when no-one is paying attention.  Your occupation is simply your platform - it's the arena in which you are given a chance to make an impact.  Your vocation is the expression you make through your platform.  Ideally your job allows you the opportunity to influence and change the world around you, but the sweet spot, when you feel most alive and contributive in your work, is finding a way to express your vocation through your platform. 


Capital Conversations - Inspiring Better Business

Capital Conversations is where I express my occupation of former finance director and investor relations officer.  It's where I get to work with the wonderful Michael Cahill, a former UBS equity analyst, and author of The Financial Times Guide to Making the Right Investment Decisions.

I met him in 2008 when I joined the IR function at SABMiller - he trained me on the ins and outs of the equity markets.  He had me at my learning edge then and continues to do so now.  He is a master trainer of H(humanistic)NLP as has evolved his work to focus on working more deeply and systemically with organisations (he works with both John Overdurf and John Whittington). An utterly unique combination of "soft" and "hard" - people and numbers, Michael is a joy to work with.

TPC Leadership

I am an associate partner with TPC Leadership, a global leadership consulting firm. This is where I express my occupation of coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer and leadership consultant with a great community of people, in larger organisation and with larger clients than I could otherwise work with alone.

I predominantly work with leaders and leadership teams in the NHS which is very satisfying and draws on my first first occupation - a chartered accountant trained in the public sector.  I now train aspiring coaches and am on the faculty of TPC Leadership's EMCC, ILM and ICF accredited coach training programmes.


WYSE International

I am a pro-bono staff member of WYSE International, a charity under the leadership of the United Nation's Department for Information.  WYSE provides leadership education and ongoing coaching support for emerging leaders who are inspired to make the world a better place.  The programmes are delivered by highly experienced professionals, all of who work on a pro-bono basis.  Hanging out with such people - both the staff team and the remarkable young leaders WYSE attracts - is inspiring and sustains me in my efforts to stay in alignment with my manifesto.



The Teapot Trust


I am a trustee for the board of The Teapot Trust, a charity which provides art therapists to support children better cope with long term medical conditions. These conditions can cause anxiety, anger or upset for children and families; art therapy provides a way of expressing and dealing with feelings, helping children to feel more in control and to cope with their condition. The Teapot Trust runs up to five art therapy projects a day in NHS hospitals across the UK, including Edinburgh’s Sick Kids, Glasgow and Aberdeen’s Children’s Hospitals, London’s Great Ormond Street and Liverpool’s Alder Hey. It was founded almost a decade ago by the remarkable Laura Young OBE and her husband John, following the death of their daughter Verity who spent too much of her short life in hospital, first with lupus, then cancer.