Leadership is defined as having the courage, the commitment, ability and the trust to articulate, embody and help realise a story of possibility for a social group at a given time.

What story are you telling? 

Fundamentally, leadership is about influencing people to move towards a new future, however we're stuck in outdated paradigms of what leadership is and often confused it with authority.  This creates a number of challenges: most of us have a difficult relationship with authority and authority doesn't really work for challenges where the solutions are not known, because the solutions generally lie with those who are closest to the customer.  We need to tell a new story about leadership - one that's not about dominance and power, but about orchestration: the conductor is the only member of an orchestra that doesn't play a note. We need leaders to replace the fearful ones craving certainty and security - leaders who can create vital, human inspiring workplaces and who can be fully alive at work.

An important foundation of leadership is for leaders to settle on their own story.  What is the story of the goal they are committed to? What is the story of the change they are seeking
— Stephen Denning: The Secret Language of Leadership

As I have learnt to great cost, committing to the task of leadership will sometimes be in tension with having a career.  If everything pleasurable, human, emotional, bodily, frivolous is subordinated to one’s career, that is to say, to getting ahead in an organisation, then no psychological space is left for a thoroughgoing commitment to change. There is no room to be a genuine leader.  

Leadership is perilous, but I believe it is an enterprise worthy of the costs.  If you do take up the challenge you must focus on your own story ‘til it becomes part of you, your very identity because you will have to tell this story over and over to yourself when you are on a collision course with the powers that be, when you have to venture out into the unknown, when you make mistakes and when your relationships change.

If you're a leader ready to realise a new story of possibility let’s have a conversation to see if I can help.


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One-to-one coaching: 90 minutes - 2 hours (£250 per session)

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  • What's your story? Settling on your own leadership story

  • Realising a story of possibility: Leadership Presence: inner being presence; being with presence and outer being presence.

  • The power of storytelling for leaders - communicate using the techniques storytellers have used for centuries to inspire and move their audiences.


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What leaders say

Better than any book.

"I’ve brought loads of books in the past and have only read half of them as I was always wanting someone to tell me what the solution on leadership was. Yesterday’s session was better than any book, has really got me thinking about things."

— M.R.

Given me new routes to try

Vicky was excellent, as always, and it’s refreshed some thinking as well as given new routes to try

— G.H.

I learned loads

Thank you Vicky, I learned loads and thought you were an inspiring presenter - incredibly knowledgeable! I've taken away some great things to work on

— P.R.